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    You are a Purchasing Agent who needs to share requirements, specifications, contracts and vendor details on goods and services. You join forces in a Purchasing Group to benefit from a greater economy of scale. We make sure your savings don't get lost in emails and phone calls.

    The Cooperative Purchasing Service is a flexible project management system that streamlines the procurement process in your purchasing group. Powerful collaboration tools support your decision making. This hosted solution is the repository for your groups collective knowledge and available to the purchasing agent anytime.

        You manage the information - We provide the tools
        Together, we turn information into knowledge.

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    Project Management
    Consolidate requirements and specifications from all members in your purchasing group, from information gathering to consumption, maintenance and renewal. Always have the most current facts at your fingertips.

    Document Library
    Organize your meeting agendas, minutes, contract examples, spreadsheet templates or any other type of electronic file in one place. Add revisions and comments for the benefit of the group.

    Collaboration Tools
    Ask questions, raise issues and participate in the solution finding process. Add your comments and feedback to any project item. Solve current issues and review them when a renewal is negotiated.

    Immediately alert members of urgent issues. Receive daily summaries of updates by email.

    Supplier List
    Share your current contacts and invite new suppliers.

    Get detail and summary reports with the click of your mouse. Print the pages by project, goods and services or by member. Export all data and create your own reports.

    Access to the data requires authentication and is role based.

    See the Cooperative Purchasing in action. Login with the demo id on the next page and view the features. Follow the instructions on the login page.
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