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Frequently Asked Question
Why a hosted service?Most Purchasing Groups have members from different agencies. Not all agencies share the same IT infrastructure. The burden for support is on the agency that hosts the service. Our Cooperative Purchasing Service provides support to all registered members.
You also benefit from several years of serving other agencies. STDI supports purchasing agents since 2001.
Hosting PlatformThe server runs on the Suse Linux Enterprise Server operating system with IBM Lotus Domino as the application platform. The Cooperative Purchasing Service is designed to run 100% under the control of the proven security and reliability of the Domino server.
Risk of Shared Hosting?All applications running on the server are designed by STDI for a shared hosting environment. STDI develops, administers and supports the IBM Lotus Domino platform since 1994. Our experience and the solid operating platform provides a stable and robust base for our service. The server is dedicated for hosted applications. There is no development or testing done on this system.
Disk Space Limitations?No limitation, the disk space is included in the monthly user fee. Both current and expired contracts are kept on-line and can be viewed anytime.
24x7 availability?The short answer is yes.
Scheduled downtime: Sunday night between 8pm and midnight EST, the system may be down for maintenance. The downtime varies from a few minutes to make a full backup to a few hours for software upgrades and security patches.
Unscheduled downtime: The equipment is connected to a battery backup to keep the systems running during outages. For hardware problems, we have a backup system ready to go after restoring the most recent backup. We keep a daily copy of all data, so you never loose more then the current days work.
Uptime and data loss prevention garantee (option): If you require a guaranteed uptime, more frequent backups or up-to-the-second data synchronization, we can arrange for a mirror site and data mirroring (real time synchronization) at a different hosting location.
Other options to run the software?If you prefer to have the software and hardware at your own location, we can provide remote support for the system, or license the software to run under your own control.

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