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Login to the Demo SystemThe Cooperative Purchasing System by default has two interfaces:
  • The public pages and
  • The member pages that require authentication.
    The page you are viewing now is a public page and does not need a login.
    The first step to navigate the Demo System is to login with the Demo permission.
    Click Login to the right and the login page appears in a new windows or tab.
  • Login with the demo id and view the features. Follow the instructions on the login page.
  • Login
  • Enter demo reader as the user name and demo (all lower-case) as the password
    then click on Sign In.

    Project Home PageThe first page after authentication is the Project Home page. The top part is for the site navigation when you work with Projects, participate in Discussions, go to the Library and review the Profiles. We review all options as we move through the demo.

    The main page shows different news items and links.
    Projects Bookmarks are links to the projects that you need most often. You can select the projects in your preferences.
    Project Updates lists the most recent document additions. This is a quick way to get up-to-date on inportant changes.
    Calendar shows project milestones such as contract start and end dates.
    Discussion / Announcement shows the most recent additions in Discussion.

    The left side is the navigation for the projects. Projects Home brings you back to this page again.

    Projects By NameClick on Project Name in the left navigation panel. The list with all commodities (goods and services) appears. Click on expands all the commodities and the projects show up.
    Projects have a start and end date and they can be in any stage from the information gathering to consumption and renewal. During the system setup, you can choose your vocabulary for the stages. The system supports up to 7 different stages, the names we use here are Pre-Bid, Bid-Open, Post-Bid and Administration for a 4-stage project.
    Project DetailClick on the date to see the project details. Find the Safety Gloves with start date 05/01/2005, click on the date. The first page that opens is the project profile document (image below on the left). Navigate the different document (Participation, Vendor Performance, Renewal Options etc) by clicking one of the entries in the list. The currently open document is indicated with two large dots
    Create a new documentDepending on the stage the project is in, the list with documents that can be created is different. This list is only available when the Projct Profile is selected.
    NOTE: The Demo Reader has no authorization to create a new document.
    View CommoditiesThe links on the left under the Administration heading list all the commodites available and all help documents.

    continue ....    Navigate Projects
    Navigate the Discussions and Library Documents
    Navigate the Profiles

    If you have questions or would like to navigate the demo with full permission, please contact us here .

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