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NAVIGATING THE DEMO - Discussion + Library
Participate in DiscussionsOpen the Discussion by clicking on the link in the navigation menu.

All discussion threads show by date, the most recent entry first.

Click on any of the link in the left navigation pane to view the discussion topics by different sort criteria.
Create a Main TopicClick the New Topic button and an empty form opens.
Open a documentClick on one of the entries in the view and the document opens in view mode. If you are the author of the document, you can make changes to the document. Click the Edit button and the document switches into Edit-Mode.
Create a ResponseYou can compose a Response to any of the documents.
Responses are indented and the hierarchy can be collapsed and expaned by clicking on the minus or plus sign to the left of the heading.
Library DocumentsOpen the Discussion by clicking on the link in the navigation menu.

Click on any of the links in the left navigation pane to view the library documents by different sort criteria. Like Discussion entries, the same basic rules apply to the library documents when creating, updating and responding to documents.
Expire a documentEvery document has a expire date field. Leave the field empty to prevent expiration, or fill in a date at which the document becomes inactive.
Delete an entryEvery document has an Active / Delete option. When the document is Active it shows in the views, when set to Delete, the document will be removed from the database.
IMPORTANT: A expired or deleted document will be completly removed from the database and will be lost. The removal process runs in periodic intervals.
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If you have questions or would like to navigate the demo with full permission, please contact us here .

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