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 Standard Features
Initial SetupSystem setup and configuration are included with a one year minimum subscription.
The initial setup includes
  • Commodity profiles (goods and services)
  • Agency and User profiles.
  • All system parameters such as the project stages and document folders.
    All the profiles and parameters can be changed at any time by users with the appropriate permission. We provide the initial setup to get you started in the shortest possible time. With all information available, we can have the system ready for you in just a few hours.
  • SupportSupport is by email and by phone from Monday to Friday during business hours.
    System availabilityThe system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Sunday night between 8pm and midnight EST, the system may be down for maintenance. The downtime varies from a few minutes to make a full backup to a few hours for software upgrades and security patches.
    Standard Functions
  • Project management for all goods and services related items
  • Discussion room to exchange ideas and make announcements
  • Document Library for minutes and template documents
  • Shared Vendor address and contact list
  • Predefined Summary Reports by project and member
  • Data export for desktop application
  • Member profile maintenance
  • Hosting of your home pages with your own URL
  • Email notifications
  • Full text searching
  • Supports all Internet browser versions (Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, Opera)
  • Efficient design to work over slow Internet connection (remote and rural access)
  • Configuration Options
  • Unlimited Goods and Service profiles
  • From one to seven Project Stages supporting your established process (initial setup)
  • Unlimited Folders with names that match your established vocabulary
  • Individual profiles per member that allows them to set notification preference, contact information, password and more
  • SecurityAll data is hosted and stored in Canada.
    Access to the system is role based and requires authentication. The roles are:
  • Reader: Can read, but not add/change information
  • Author: Can post new information, but can not initiate a new project.
  • Coordinator: Can post new information and initiate new projects.
  • Administrator: Full permission to post and change any information. Also has permission to set configuration options.
  •  Optional Features
    Initial Data TakoverContract and Participation entering during system setup can be arranged (data migration). Current and past contracts can be entered to include the contract history
    Public Web PagesAll hosted data is confidential and protected by access control that requires a member to login with a userid and password. We can host public pages that introduces your organization to the visitor. These pages are typically a description of your group, Mission Statement and a list of participating agencies. We can also publish a list of all active members and contract summaries. This information is extracted in real time and immediately available as you update your confidential information. Only the data you authorize will be available to the public.
    Domain NameA generic URL to access the site is included. If you have your own domain name (e.g., your domain administrator can point the name to our hosted site. There is no cost involved when you manage the domain name.
    If you prefer that we manage the name or register a new name, a yearly cost of $50 will be charged.
    SSLSSL (data encryption over the Internet between your browser and our server)
    Installation of the certificates requires the owner / administrator of the domain to request the certificates from the registrar. If we manage the Domain Name, the yearly cost for the SSL certificate and the domain (see above) is $700. Depending on the certificate agency, a surcharge may apply.
    Email and BlackberryFull featured email accounts and customized notifications for Blackberry Devices are available. Setup cost and licensing may apply.
     Price for Standard Features
     The price is $20 per month per registered member and includes hosting and support. Taxes are not included.
    Minimum subscriptions are required.

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